Rollerball (1975) – William Harrison (dialogs script)

Hello, Johnny.

How are you, Ella?


How are you?

I’m all right, I guess.

What are you doin’?

Looking at you. Counting your scars.
Seeing how you’ve changed.

Oh, you mean that’s how I’ve changed?

Just a little more beat-up.

Oh, no!

You’re just not…
Yeah, well…

Come on.

You want a drink or somethin’?

No, thank you.

You have a lovely place.

Thank you. Well, I’ve seen your house.

You have?

Yeah. When we played in Rome, I stood a block away and watched your front gate for a couple of hours.
I was just standin’ there wonderin’ what your furniture was like, what you said to each other in the mornings.
What’s he like? What’s he do, this…?

He’s a city engineer.

We have a jet-copter, a son, two cats and a place in the Alps.
You don’t really want to hear all of this.

– A son, huh?

– Yes.
We have a lot of friends. And he has a lover.
We have furniture a lot like yours. Same taste in furniture. How about that?
You know, Johnny, all they want is a kind of incidental control over just a part of our lives.
They have control economically and politically, but they also provide.

Provide, huh?
They were responsible for takin’ you away and I started to hate ‘em.

But they weren’t.
It was the game, Johnny.
I mean, it was so important to you. It was as if I wasn’t even there.
The play, there was nothing else.

I’m sorry.

You know I wanted you here.
Well, I mean…
This might sound all wrong, but…

Well, I was just tryin’ to remember myself then.


Maybe it was love I wanted to try to remember.
There’s a lot of things I wanna talk to you about.


I’ve been thinkin’, Ella. Thinkin’ a lot.
I’ve been watching. It’s like people had a choice a long time ago between…
well, having all them nice things  or freedom. Of course, they chose comfort.

But comfort is freedom.It always has been.
The history of civilisation
is the struggle against poverty.

No! No, that’s not it. That’s never been it.
I mean, them privileges just buy us off.

They want me to quit, Ella.
Then quit.

Just like that, huh?

But you’ve got to do it now. You’ve got to before it’s too late,whether you want to or not.
Look, Johnny…
The next game, there won’t be any  substitutions allowed. And no time limit.
You’ll die, Johnny. Everybody will die.

No time limit. They tell you that?


– They tell you to convince me to quit?

– Yes, but that isn’t why I came here.

You have to get out for your own sake.
Please, Johnny, please.

Did they tell you to stay if I did quit?
Are you my big reward?

You still don’t understand why I came here.

You’re the only person I ever wanted.
I wanted you on my side, that’s all.


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